Saturday , September 23 2017
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Apple iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Have Backdoors; 220,000 iCloud Accounts Hacked

Jailbreakers Beware! Some shady tweaks that you installed on their jailbroken devices are looking to steal your iCloud login credentials, a report said. The iCloud account details, including email addresses and passwords, of nearly 220,000 jailbreak users have been breached, an online Chinese vulnerability-reporting platform WooYun reported. WooYun is an information security platform where …

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Sexy Girl Devises a 3D Printed High-Heeled Shoes with Hacking Tools Inside

Next time when you came across a sexy lady wearing high heels, you need to Watch her steps, and yours too. Computer hackers are not known for their stunning good looks and sexual charms, especially when they are girls. This is the only reason why a young woman hacker going …

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New Android Vulnerable Lets Hackers Take Over Your Phone

This time Everything is Affected! Yet another potentially dangerous vulnerability has reportedly been disclosed in the Google’s mobile operating system platform – Android. Android has been hit by a number of security flaws this month, including: This time the issue resides in the multitasking capability of the Android phones, the ability …

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Windows 10 Remotely Disables Pirated Games and illegal Hardware

If you are one of those 70 Million users who have upgraded their systems to the newest Windows 10operating system, Microsoft could be scanning your PC for pirated games and unauthorized hardware. Almost three weeks have passed after the worldwide launch of Windows 10, Millions of users have upgraded their …

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