Saturday , September 23 2017
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Top 8 Cyber Security Tips for Christmas Online Shopping

As the most wonderful time of the year has come – Christmas, it has brought with itself the time of online shopping. According to National Retail Federation, more than 151 million people shopped in store, but more than 100 Million shopped online duringCyber Monday sales and even why wouldn’t it …

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Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump — #OpTrump

After targeting the Islamic State (ISIS) group in the wake of Deadly terror attacks in Paris, hacktivist group Anonymous has now turned its attention to controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump. The hacktivist group has declared war against Donald Trump following his recent radical speech stating he wanted to ban …

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Hacker-Friendly Search Engine that Lists Every Internet-Connected Device

Meet an all-new Hacker’s Search Engine similar to Shodan – Censys. At the end of last month, security researchers from SEC Consult found that the lazy manufacturers of home routers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have been re-using the same set of hard-coded cryptographic keys, leaving around 3 millions …

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Best Website To Learn Ethical Hacking

Today there are lots of people who want to learn hacking .But as we know Hacking is illegal so it is difficult to find a way to learn hacking. But there are some networks running online which gives tutorials on hacking. Hacking exists just because of vulnerability in technology. Today Mostly hackers …

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Save the Date — 11th December: Anonymous to Celebrate ‘ISIS Trolling Day’

After hacking and taking down social media accounts of ISIS members, the online Hacktivist group Anonymous is back again with its new plan to harass the Islamic State (IS) militant group that was behind the horrific terror attack in Paris. Now, the hacktivist group has declared December 11th to be …

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Chakra JavaScript Engine: Microsoft Open-Sources the Heart of Edge browser

Microsoft has announced the plans to open source the core components of its “Chakra” – the JavaScript engine behind the new Edge browser – to GitHub code-sharing and collaboration repository next month. The company made this announcement at the JSConf US Last Call conference in Florida this weekend. What is …

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