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[Download/OpenSource] PrivacyFix 10 – v1.0.0.0 – Fix Win10 Privacy Issues – Anti-Spy

Let’s be honest, Windows 10 is the BEST Windows version to date (IMO).
But as we all know, it has MAJOR privacy concerns, more information can be found on both Google and HF.
I’ve made this tool so you all can enjoy Windows again, without your privacy getting shitted on.

• Blocks communication with Microsoft servers (surveillance/telemetry)
• Blocks logging services
• Hides files/folders from Microsoft (yup, they log these as well)
• Blocks OneDrive (reinstall at own risk)
• Blocks Microsoft file access

1. Extract the “PrivacyFix 10.exe” from the ZIP Archive
2. Run it as Administrator (should be already done automatically)
3. Hit the “Protect my Privacy” button
4. A CMD window should popup, wait until it’s done
5. After it’s done you should get a message, now press OK
6. Now you’re protected from MS, enjoy.

[Image: R1Ce58P.png]

VirusTotal – Scan
*What the fuck is Qihoo-360?

• Z3r0D4y (Coder)
• Whoever owned original script


[Image: download-button-blue-300x133.png]

You can download the full source from here: Open-Source PrivacyFix10 Download (coded in Visual Basic with VS2013 Compiler)

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