New Generation of Vehicles Can Also Be Hacked as SUA

The New models from Mitsubishi are also vulnerability to hacking and can be controlled Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA), one of the engineering professor from the university of Phillippines comments to an interview that they are experimenting with new models of vehicles whether they also came with same defects.

There is not any specification with one vehicle but also some others too. The new technology is not concentrating on transmission and internal vehicle security which cause SUA flaws. The new vehicle works with a modern computer system with lack of another external breach into the system, the technology and function the manufacturer are using are always been breached by hackers.

The popular vehicle in Philippine as Mitsubishi corporation facing several critics from engineers and security researcher – the researchers are repeating that the large numbers of Mitsubishi are getting hacked with our experiments, the one of the vehicle from Mitsubishi – Montero Sport came on light – researchers also said that Montero also is one of defective and unsafe piece.

Mitsubishi Motors further provided an statement in which it clearly says that there is not fault in Montero Sport neither defective nor unsafe to use, also said “the performance and the driving skills depend on Montero Sport, customer or driver, the reaction will only occur after the action from the driver, the vehicle cannot be displaced without driver.

The statement Mitsubishi Motors is not one-sided statement, the researchers have modified different experiment with the vehicles, but still getting the vulnerability as the report says from eye witnesses, here Mitsubishi Motors corp wanted to explain and condemn assure the customers and public regarding the use of Montero Sport, it says Montero neither defective nor unsafe to use.

The mechanical engineer, Edwin Quiroz provided real proof regarding the case, Quiroz asked his computer experts and hackers to test the vehicle by operating which transmit the data with hardware and software tinkering from the device hackers are using, the computer experts made a direct connection with the vehicle to eliminate the inbuilt program of the vehicle which lead the vehicle in SUA situation.

Another investigator from the Department of Trade and Industry Dr. Ralph Jose who is also involved in the investigation on Montero cases and said Mitsubishi Motors corporation must concentrate on solving the situation and investigation more in the middle of vulnerability found instead of asking customers for the safe and secure vehicle they are providing.

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