Sexy Girl Devises a 3D Printed High-Heeled Shoes with Hacking Tools Inside

Next time when you came across a sexy lady wearing high heels, you need to Watch her steps, and yours too.
Computer hackers are not known for their stunning good looks and sexual charms, especially when they are girls.
This is the only reason why a young woman hacker going under the name SexyCyborg could turn out so dangerous.
SexyCyborg, a Chinese hardware hacker, is actually a very intelligent and extremely geeky woman, who has a keen interest in electronics, robotics, and most importantly 3D printing.
SexyCyborg proved this by first creating the Hikaru Skirt with the help of a 3D printer back in July, and now…
…by devising a new way of Hiding Hi-Tech Hacking Technology in a Unique Pair of Sexy High-Heeled Shoes.

‘Wu Ying Shoes’ – A Set of Hacking Tools!

SexyCyborg used a 3D-printed pair of high heels for the purpose of hiding a penetration-testing toolkit around.
The 3D-printed heels, she dubbed “Wu Ying Shoes,” named after the Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung’s famed “shadowless kick,” the custom pair of footwear used to distract opponents.
SexyCyborg detailed about her creation by publishing snaps of her shoes in an Imgur gallery, demonstrating how a router, lock-picking set and a backup battery can be hidden from security guards.
Apparently, her “Wu Ying Shoes! – Penetration Testing Platform Heels!” is inspired by the very popular TV show “Mr. Robot.”
There is enough space in the right shoe which can be used to store a wireless router running the easily installedOpenWRT frameworkwith a built-in rechargeable battery.
SexyCyborg explained, such a router could”either be left running inside the shoe [for war-walking, logging and WiFi sniffing] or could be removed and plugged into a convenient open network jack [gaining] remote access anytime via SSH tunnel.”

SexyCyborg Claims to Attack Massive Corporations using Her BOOBS

Describing herself as “a natural honeypot,” SexyCyborg said she could distract security guards with her ‘upper body’ before sneaking inside the corporation, as no one would notice her footwear.

“With my shadowless shoes I distract the target with my upper body, and they do not see the real danger on my feet,”SexyCyborg wrote.”Each shoe has a drawer [inside] that can be slid out without my having to take the shoes off [that] can be customised for various payloads.”


She installed the OpenWRT firmware on the TP-Link TL-MR10U router running Wispi and Jasager concealed in a cavity within the heel.
These tools could let the heeled hacker set up rogue Wi-Fi access points that trick employees of large corporation into handing over their enterprise credentials into fake phishing login pages.

“Wispi and Pentest drop boxes should, of course, only be experimented with at home for educational purposes,” She said. “While it is good to know about this stuff, always obey your local laws.”

Her high heels also lurk a variety of more hacking tools, including a USB keylogger, retractable Ethernet cable for OpenWRT router, andlock-picking set.

Download the 3D-printer blueprints of Wu Ying Shoes Now!

Hackers can also run Kali and PwnPi on a Raspberry Pi, but she warned that the shoes may start to get heavy in weight.
SexyCyborg has made the 3D-printer blueprints available for enterprising hackers to download, saying the high-heels are strong and safe enough to wear.
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