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Get Linux Root Shell Just By Pressing ‘ENTER’ key for 70 Seconds + Fix

A hacker with little more than a minute can bypass the authentication procedures on some Linux systems just by holding down the Enter key for around 70 seconds. The result? The act grants the hacker a shell with root privileges, which allows them to gain complete remote control over encrypted …

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Getting Started with Linux: Part II (Installation and more)

After downloading a desired Linux distribution, you can try it out using these methods: Install Linux virtually – If you already have a machine running Windows, Mac or another Linux distro, and you don’t want to remove or dual boot with that, install VirtualBox and run Linux on virtual system. …

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Getting Started With Linux : Part l (Choosing a Distribution)

    There are hundreds of Linux distributions to choose from. Each of them has their merits. Some of them have their separate package managers, desktop managers, repositories; some of them are derived from others, so they share some behaviorism. It is not possible to compare each other as each …

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