Typing “fun facts” into Google is the perfect way to kill time with random trivia [DO IT]

Got a few seconds, minutes, or maybe even hours to kill? Try performing a search for “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious” on Google. Once entered, Google will pull up a fun sort of trivia game that posts a random question followed by its answer. The questions range from everything like, “How long would it take to get to mars traveling at the speed of light?” to, “How many hairs are on a human head on average?” (Hint: blondes typically have more than any other color). Pretty crazy, right?

Now, if you’re momma taught you anything, it was probably to never believe everything you read on the internet. While not all of this random information is 100% correct, Google will still provide you with a link so you can visit the site and check its references. Now you can build up that portfolio of random “dad-knowledge” and impress everyone with your approximate knowledge of many things. Try it out!

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Pascal Eugene

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