What is November 5th For Anonymous And How you Can Join Them

The Motto of Anonymous is simple, “We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forget. Expect us.

Some of the unknown people around the globe get confused either this Anonymous is a hacking group, hacktivist or hacker collective. But people need to know more than that what are Anonymous, they are among us.

Anonymous the name consist unknown but they are responsible for what they do for what they wanted to do also for what their intention to do, they have a target and that is not common people that is the government, who rule us, who convince us, who make us wishes but unfortunates after they win all things get changed, the power they have with their own will, the target government, the culprit, “We do not forget”.

What is November 5th For Anonymous And How Can you Join Them


A year ago a video posted by Anonymous detailing about how to join them, So you wanted to join them, watch the joining video.

To took the first step becoming Anonymous you should know that the coming day November 5th, where a Million Mask will march on this day on the street, “Remember, remember the 5th of November…”, it is a challenge to all the Anons, something to remind you about that day November 5th, or today or even tomorrow and each day after that day November 5th, Good Luck and money from home. Anons.

The Fact: You want to join Anonymous? You can not join Anonymous. Nobody can join Anonymous.

Anonymous says: “There are no rules and regulation, no constant consent, Anonymous has no leaders, no gurus, no ideologist, in fact it does not even have constant work as ideology. All we are is a common people, we also travel short distance altogether just like commuters who meet up at the bus stop or any particular traveling spot. And on this journey we together will change the world”

Nobody can speak for Anonymous, Nobody can say that you are in, or you are out.

Well if you still wanted to join Anonymous you can, you are in.

What you have to do to contact with others?

Previous year November 5th!


Now if you have joined Anonymous then you must know that it is not an organization that have an office, it does not even have any fix infrastructure to work, it uses existing internet connectivity as well as using social networks is also Anonymously, if the present one compromised, then they moved to another one, or else if that one also under attack they again moved to another one and last they hop to another when they feel bored with the present one.

It has not been said about a particular time to change contact profile in fact they can change at any point of time, Anonymous ask its followers to look for the terms like “Anonymous”, “Anonops” and other keywords also that might be connected with Anonymous activities.

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