Watch The Video That Convinced Google to Buy YouTube in 2006

The reason why Google really made a direct interest to purchase YouTube in 2006, unfortunately only one video made the whole generation of that year stunned, The boys in the video impressed those Google and other CEO to make a direct attraction. The video we are now showing you is the reupload.

Susan Wojcicki, now CEO of YouTube, recently revealed in a talk she found a video on the platform in 2006 that made ​​her a great idea. A clip of two Chinese boys voicing “As Long As You Love Me”, the Backstreet Boys, showed her the entire YouTube potential.

Attention to the duo’s roommate doing homework in the background without imagining that would be part of the history of the largest video platform in the world by accident.

“That was the video that made me realize: our! people around the world can create content, and they do not even need to be in a studio, “Wojcicki said during the lecture. She showed the video to several Google executives, and apparently everyone thought that was hilarious (and it is)!

Six months after that, Google would be buying a small startup in Silicon Valley who had not profited one cent per $ 1.65 billion, equivalent to, not counting for inflation the dollar and real. Ie it was one of the biggest financial transactions of the time.

In 2006, Susan Wojcicki was responsible for the late Google Video and the company’s acquisitions. Since February 2014, she is in the position of CEO of YouTube, a service that has overseen since he became part of Google.

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